Smart For-Us Concept

Once again, the Smart surprises. For the latest model-us faces a completely new challenge and shows how the city might look like pick-up twenty-first century

For-Us Smart moves by an electric motor with 75 hp. With the electric motor of 75 hp and 130 Nm of torque reaches a speed of 75 mph. Fully charge the lithium-ion batteries (with a capacity of 17.6 kWh) of household outlet takes up to eight hours. With the docking station located in the cargo area for battery-us are still loaded.

Inside you will find quite a few places, but only for two passengers. On the back you can carry bikes or other luggage.

In a double inside the U.S. For-yellow fabric seat covers and glossy surfaces combine with elements of brushed aluminum and aerodynamically styled vents. Replaced the conventional rear-view mirror smartphone, so the driver can monitor the situation behind the vehicle using the integrated camera.

The concept of urban pick-up seems to be interesting. But chances are low that it will be completed shortly.