Lexus LF-LC Concept

Lexus unveiled the LF-LC. Sport coupe 2 + 2 is a concept version. The car was created by Calty design studio in Newport Beach, California.

The technique, which was in the prototype version of the Lexus, unfortunately we know very little - only the Japanese have betrayed the basic unit of driving the car rests at the front part of the hybrid system, and the drive torque is transmitted to the rear wheels. Lexus also does not mention any plans to introduce LF-LC audio up to production, but it is said that this concept is the announcement of a successor Lexus SC sports car.

The interior of this super car is made ​​of soft leather, wood and metal. Car is equipped with a remote controller display with touch panel for convenient control of the various vehicle functions. Two LCD screens with a diagonal 12.3-inch forward the necessary information and directions. Commands are transmitted from the touch panel, embedded in the center console. The interface used to control the radio functions, climate control and navigation system includes retractable touch-screen keyboard.

Touch panels can also find the door, and used to control the windows, mirrors, seat adjustment and change settings for individual devices pleasant and enjoyable ride. The driver sees the display of analog set of indicators of a multilayer structure. The deepest layer shows the temperature of the engine, fuel supply and cost-effectiveness ratio backdrop for the ride. The middle layer is the central ring of the rev scale. The final layer illustrates the speed indication, speedometer and indicator of economy driving.

Lexus LF-LC Concept is one of the best Lexus ever.