Jaguar XJ

Need a prestigious car, but you are tired of Audi, BMW and Mercedes? Może Jaguar XJ in the long version will meet your expectations

This model surprised everyone, and even shocked fans of the brand. The eighth generation of Jaguar's flagship, offered since last year, radically broke with more than 40-year tradition XJ model. There is no dual round headlights, and the shape of the body and interior in no way relates to their predecessors.
If not for the leaping cat stamps and inscriptions "Jaguar" placed in several locations of the body, it would be difficult to recognize from a distance model and brand. So what's left? Luxury, high comfort, rich furnishings and prestige.

XJ driver surprising in several respects:

  1. First of all - the engine. Under the hood, a 3-liter diesel with two compressors, very strong and perfectly silent.
  2. Secondly - the lack jack gear. Instead, the center console is a knob, which you select the appropriate mode. Fortunately, also thought about the drivers who prefer sporty driving - the steering wheel there are paddles to change gears.
  3. Thirdly - the lack of the traditional clocks. Instead, there is ... screen which displays the virtual clocks and other indicators, depending on need.
  4. In the fourth, fifth ... There are more surprises, but luckily they are not unpleasant, as are related primarily to increasing comfort equipment (eg, front seats with ventilation function, heating and massage).

To all the news, you can very quickly get used to. Support for cockpit instruments is easy, almost intuitive. It is worth to buy back the camera, it will be useful when parking.

Jaguar XJ has two different faces. The first is sedate, comfortable, well equipped limousine for the president or important director. The second is to ... sporting opportunities. Despite its importance and the Jaguar XJ diesel engine allows fast and highly dynamic driving experience. Simply select the mode knob S (suspension of curing), and then skillfully operować paddles on the steering wheel.

Jaguar XJ owner, even if the driver will often want to lead the car itself, because it is a very enjoyable pastime. Comfort is very high, excellent performance, and additives so that the horse does not get tired of Jaguar's flagship, even on the longest route.