Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota unveiled the first hybrid varieties of technical parameters of the model Yaris, which makes its world premiere in a production version will be at the Geneva Motor Show.

100-horsepower Yaris Hybrid powertrain is configured with an automatic transmission and can overcome longer distances using only the electric motor. The hybrid system has been optimized to work in the most efficient manner, with priority use of the electric motor before combustion.

Toyota's own measurements carried out on European roads is best illustrated by the possibility Yaris Hybrid. The test data shows that an average of 66 percent. time and 58 percent. Yaris Hybrid beat the distance using only the electric motor, and therefore consumes no fuel and emits no fumes.

Yaris Hybrid will be the next step in the dissemination of Toyota's hybrid technology in Europe. With an attractive price, the smallest hybrid car company to compete with other brands of vehicles equipped with diesel engines. According to the assurances of the brand, Yaris Hybrid will be the most accessible hybrid car in Europe.