Toyota NS4

Toyota NS4 is a hybrid plug-in that extends the level of security offered in the future.

Toyota NS4 has an advanced drive system with reduced, lighter components. The engines use less fuel, better performance and more effective use of batteries as an energy source. The advantages should be added the short-time loading of cells.

NS4 concept presents a new direction in styling from the Japanese manufacturer. The front grill has a trapezoidal shape, the lower part forms a low-placed spoiler. Back of the car looks too futuristic, and the lights take the form of stripes occurring on the side of the body.

The multimedia system was developed in collaboration with the following brands: Microsoft, Intel, and Salesforce. Knowledge and experience of these companies developed high-tech solution, the functionality of the device ahead of its competition.

HMI consists of a touch-screen display draws on the style of the smartphones. The whole was designed to be as little as distract the driver from driving. The system has features that make learning and habits of the driver's commands.

The concept will find a number of systems whose purpose is to prevent collisions, include: improved PCS, ADB - that is, variable beam and BSM - monitoring blind spots. PCS makes sure that the driver accidentally changed lanes and protects against impact on pedestrian or another vehicle.

During the collision with a pedestrian hood of the car rises, so as to reduce head injuries a person deducted.

Auto has a special glass windows, improved visibility by coating the surface with fluorine. This allows faster water flows under the influence of air pressure. By contrast, from the inside coating is applied to not protect against evaporation. Their inner layer blocks 99% UVA and UVB rays.

In NS4 abandoned traditional mirrors and their functions taken over by the camera. The driver observes what is happening behind the vehicle on the displays placed on the dashboard, thus has a much wider field of view.

This concept shows how very important for Toyota is the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users.

Toyota NS4 is to be on the market in 2015.