Suzuki Swift

Small version of Suzuki's race is already a tradition. Maintain it this year sold a car with 136-horsepower gasoline engine.

Suzuki Swift Sport is not a true hot hatch, but it does not bother to give him great pleasure to drive. The engine is able to dynamically accelerate. The suspension allows fast cornering, while well suppressing bumps. Car has very good brakes - their performance can be compared to those of more expensive sports cars. We lack only one thing: race exhaust sound.

Swift adventure with sport varieties began in the 80s twentieth century, when the base was the first generation version of the GTI. The same designation Swift wore a strong second series. For this occasion decided to launch third reads the Top digital engine variant with 125 hp will bear the name "Sport". This year, sales hit a new Swift Sport with an engine output of 136 hp.

Passing in front bumper spoiler, a large air intake, rear roof spoiler and dual exhaust system is the characteristic elements of the strongest varieties of Swift. Importantly, these distinguishing features combine in impressive-looking whole. Inside the evidence about the ambitions of the car: red stitching, aluminum pedals and the well-contoured sports seats. Less attractively presented in a black, hard surface materials.

Under the hood of the car engine works known from an earlier edition of Sport. But this is not exactly the same construction. Currently, 1.6-liter has 136 hp drive, an increase of 11 horses more than the previous version. The increase in power achieved by a different design inlet and at the same time failed to improve cylinder charging. The power unit is now also more torque - 160 Nm to 148 Nm in the antecedent. The bottom line is that these changes have not stripped the car of wild nature, and it just slightly softened.

The engine to rev quickly and turns to nearly seven thousand. rev. / min. Only by keeping the upper range, you can count on getting good acceleration and speed of 60 mph in 8.5 s

The advantage of the vehicle is also a quiet, steady operation of the drive unit. It must be admitted that the nature of the car and fighting the appearance of dual exhaust with diffuser grille to better suit a more genuine sound
An important feature of the Swift Sport is a fine-tuned suspension, lowered relative to the weaker version. Interestingly, it is not too hard and could well dampen road roughness, while allowing for the dynamic cornering. It must be remembered that while driving around a curve after a sudden foot off the gas pedal there is a slight abandoning his back.

This is because the ESP into action definitely, but it's too late. Fortunately, this little oversteer does not interfere unduly in controlling the vehicle. It also allows precise steering. When driving straight ahead, there is even the impression that it is too direct, making it difficult to maintain the chosen direction.