Peugeot 508

2 years ago, in a round anniversary of the company, Peugeot has set very ambitious goals, to change view of the brand. A number of new technologies and refreshing clear and attractive style of the models, were to help the French manufacturer to enter the leading European car makers.

The French know that limo for most European brands are (just behind the segment B), the highlight of the range. There remained indifferent in this matter and in preparation for the production of a new model, were taken 4 years ago. Prototypes of the new cars beat more than 2 million kilometers, which helped refine the car in great detail.

Car is available in two body styles: sedan and wagon. The boot has a capacity of 545 liters in the sedan and 660 liters in the second.

Equipment Peugeot 508 is quite nice. In addition to six airbags and numerous driving stabilizing systems (among them such as ABS, ESP, CDS, REF, and Hill Assist) as standard Peugeot 508 also has the Peugeot logo buttons and a red SOS. The first maintenance service calls, the other in turn connects to the nearest police station.

The latest model has two types of front suspension: McPherson with providing the optimum combination of comfort and grip and double wishbones in the variant GT, guaranteeing an even better traction.

Engine range looks nice also. It opens with the 1.6 petrol produced in cooperation with BMW for the 120 and 156 hp. In addition to 204-hp Diesel are two smaller: 1.6 HDi (112 bhp) and 2.0 HDi with 140 or 163 horses.

Is dynamic design, timeless elegance, a wide range of configuration options and impeccable prestige car, Peugeot 508 will become a strong player in the premium segment?