Mini Clubvan Concept

On the 82nd Geneva Motor Show Mini will showcase a prototype of its next vehicle. This time it will be a Clubman version of the utility vehicles, the Clubvan. But is this the car has any meaning?

Mini has been in its history, a similar car. In the 60 Twentieth century, the British sold the supply Mini Morris Van with a longer wheelbase. After 50 years under the wings of the BMW brand back to its roots and offers a stylish, urban auto vehicles.

From the outside, Mini Clubvan Concept is distinguished from personal Clubman only panels, which replaced the rear side windows and obklejonym body. More changes occurred in the interior, which is double. The driver and passenger are separated from the cargo area a robust grid. Removing the rear seats allowed for earning a much larger trunk. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not give its capacity.

The manufacturer has not yet decided on the introduction of Mini Clubvan into production.