Lamborghini Urraco

In the early seventies, Lamborghini has decided to release "cheap" car. This was to be a car belonging to the class a bit cheaper than the Miura sports cars. This market was dominated by the Porsche 911 and Ferrari Dino 246.

The task of designing the company commissioned Urraco Lamborghini Bertone. Only the third of these projects made ​​by the Board Lamborghini unsatisfactory.

In contrast to the Porsche and Ferrari vehicles Urraco was named a four-car type 2 2 This was an obvious advantage over competitors.

The entire vehicle is based on the spatial frame of steel tubes. The body panels are made of steel. Steel was simply cheaper and easier to handle. The shape of the body without any resistance, you can call it timeless. On the basis of the resulting models and Silhouette Jalpa.

The interior is the weakest part of Urraco. Due to the low price of the vehicle poskÄ…piono even leather upholstery, which was not standard. Dashboard itself was not very pretty. Assembly quality and materials left a lot to be desired. The rear row of seats can sit at most small children.

Just behind their backs mounted engine. Urraco was the first Lamborghini with eight-cylinder engine. It had a capacity of 2.5 liters and 220 horsepower. Provide pretty good performance, but the problem was too low torque.

In the U.S. Urraco was sold under the name Lamborghini Tipo III.