Jeep Compass

The new generation of Jeep Compass has nearly all the advantages to become a hit on the Old Continent. Disputes SUV at a reasonable price is disappointing, however, offered security.

Increased suspension, solid chassis and a known brand - are elements that inspire confidence in the safety offered by the car. All this has a Jeep Compass. The new generation of this model is already being offered in the sale and tempt potential customers a low price. However, the attractiveness of the car has slowed significantly after presenting the results of the latest EuroNCAP crash tests. Crashtest Compass fell far satisfactory. In recent years, many cars are received from the organization's five stars, four stars have become virtually standard. New Jeep received only two.

The tests conducted by EuroNCAP are always the same scenario: a frontal impact at 34 mph, side impact at 31 mph and hit the pole side at 18 mph. During these tests, the attention to the protection of each passenger, including children, pedestrians, and the presence of systems to enhance security - ESP, and a device that reminds you of the obligation to fasten seat belts.

Let's see why the Jeep Compass at the beginning of 2012, conducted the test received only two stars.

You car has a frontal impact score of only 61 percent. effectiveness of protection. For comparison, Dacia Duster, who in 2011 received the worst score of all the cars tested by EuroNCAP, won in this category, 74 percent. The driver of the Jeep is poorly covered in the section of the thighs and calves, and the passenger in the front seat is in the same situation when it comes to the thigh. Well fell out the side collision with a car. Protection offered in this case offers a Jeep Compass, was described as good. It is bad but in the case of side impact to the post. Passengers SUV with American heritage can not count on sufficient protection to upper chest.

The level of safety for children, which provides a Jeep Compass, is acceptable. Euro NCAP has defined it to 76 percent. Worse is, however, in the protection of pedestrians. Jeepowi awarded 23 percent here., While the Chevrolet Captiva, which in the SUV segment is available at a price only slightly higher than the Jeep, got 48 percent. The final evaluation of the Jeep Compass by EuroNCAP standard equipment helped little in the ESP.