Lamorghini Diablo

The company Lamborghini  introduced the Diablo as a replacement for the aging Countach model. Auto went on sale January 21, 1990 year. Its price was then $ 240 000. 5.7-liter engine power generating 492 horsepower (367 kW) and torque of 580 Nm. This allows the vehicle accelerates to 60 mph in 4 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph.

After three years of production, the base model, Diablo, Lamborghini decided to introduce the company to produce a newer version of the vehicle. Compared to the first generation model, Diablo, added all-wheel drive, four-piston Brembo brakes, a refreshed version of the dashboard and a new suspension system improves the firm characteristics. In the car still does not have the ABS system.

A lighter, sportier version of the SE30 was released in a limited edition (150 cars) on the occasion of 30th anniversary of Lamborghini. Version SE30 reached 525KM. In 1995 introduced an even stronger version of the SE30 Jota. It is distinguished by the two air intakes on the roof, improved chip and 6-speed synchromesh gearbox. The engine generates power up to 595 horsepower. Installed larger disc brakes, but still without the ABS and traction control.

Last produced Diablo hits the auction in Scottsdale (USA, California). In 2001, Lamborghini has decided to finally say goodbye with dignity and Diablo model. To this end, the Italians have released a series of copies of a 40 special Lamorghini Diablo VT 6.0 SE. Car with No 40 will not long for the auction house Barrett-Jackson in California. Diablo is on the clock just 12 miles away. Thus we can say that this is a new old Diablo.