Kia Trackster

At the Chicago Auto Show Kia showed the announced concept car called Track'ster. It is a model of the variety of sports vision Soul

Although there are currently no plans to start production of such a vehicle, the Kia designers from California with great enthusiasm, they began a new project, aiming to show a different brand.

Soul was a big hit Kia in the U.S. market - last year sales were up 102 267 of these units, most of the range model the Korean brand, which achieved sales of 283 271 cars. The new body styles could further increase the attractiveness of the Soul, the more that is being considered to introduce the production of varieties with an open body, the inspiration would Soulster Concept in 2009.

The car is powered by a 2-liter petrol engine of 250 hp, an increase of 66 percent. more than the production Soul. Power is transmitted to the four wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox. Track'ster moves in 19-inch wheels shod with tires of size 245/40 front and 284/40 rear. Adapted for performance suspension - lowered and stiffened, and the brakes.