Google Car

Google has patented an unmanned vehicle

Technology could be used in the organization of tourist trips, or to send the broken car repair services. Vehicle while driving combines artificial intelligence with Google maps and camera team. Apparently works much more quickly respond to events on the road.

Google patented a system that auto switches to automatic mode - Transitioning a Mixed-Mode Vehicle to Autonomous Mode.

Just turn on one button and the car drives itself. Auto system is equipped with cameras and sensors determine its position relative to the road and other vehicles. Thanks to "see" their environment and can adapt to it.

Cars passed the tests successfully. As revealed by the Google car drove so far over 250 thousand. km, of which 1.6 thousand. km in the automatic mode (Here lies the problem, rather - according to my data in auto test models have overcome far greater distances). Each car's automatic supervised driving techniques.

Test models, which uses the design is the Toyota Prius and Audi TT.