Ford B-MAX

Ford unveiled the official photograph of a completely new model, the B-MAX, the prototype we saw a year ago, during the Geneva Motor Show.

Although the presentation of the Ford B-MAX in Geneva nearly a year has passed already, the production version of this model is not surprising appearance. Changes in relation to the prototype is almost nonexistent.

The body is identical to the car, including the shape of the ribbed plate and bumpers. Only the grill is not chrome, but it does not say that there will be the richest in the trim and door handles are visible. No changes to the prototype is not in this case, any defect. Auto based on a platform the Fiesta has an attractive appearance, referring to the big brother - Ford C-MAX.

Just as in the prototype, so in a production version of Ford B-MAX rear doors are sliding, which will facilitate access to rear seats, especially in the parking lot.

Ford B-MAX, which is a kind of successor to the Fusion, will be among the first Ford vehicles available with all-new EcoBoost petrol engine with three cylinders with a total capacity of 1 liter. Turbo can either be in a weaker version - 100-horse, and stronger - a 125-horse. In addition, the offer will enrich TDCi turbodiesel.