Aston Martin DB4

Aston Martin DB4 is one of the most classic GT class car. A collaboration between Italian and British engineers a sports car first unveiled in 1958 in London. This car is a very rare collector's model. Within five years of its production was only 75 copies of this car. The engine of this unique vehicle was designed by a Pole, Tadeusz Marek. This engine allow you to link the numerous victories of the cars on rallies and races.

Capacity of this engine is 3.7 liters, maximum power is 243 hp (179 kW) at 5500 rev / min. With such parameters, auto could easily cope with the battle on the track such as the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta. Aston Martin DB4 Superleggera has performed an exceptional variety, meaning that it is a super lightweight model. Cars in this particular issue has been produced only six.

Today, these cars are very rare and difficult to see. Recently, the auction got one of these models in a Lightweight. Car underwent a complete renovation in the 90's. Estimated price for what was to be sold over one million dollars.