Arrinera is first car from the segment 'supercars' created in Poland. Arrinera in terms of driving performance, build quality and performance will be able to compete with cars that are created by the most reputable companies in its segment. The ambition of its creators is a desire - at least - catching up with manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Maserati.

Work on the prototype of Arrinera has been completed and the project enters a phase of preparation of the production version of the car. Arrinera in concept design is to fulfill all the conditions that distinguish the supercar series production sports car. All the indications are that soon he will go into series production. Series production of 350 - 400 units per year is expected to begin in mid-2012

The advertising spot is emphasized the most important advantages of the car. These include the strong engine with 650 hp, the body made of carbon fiber and an infrared camera to facilitate the circulation of vehicles in difficult weather conditions. Arrinera has a maximum speed to 185 mph.

Auto body is characterized by dynamic and sharp lines, which clearly demonstrates the great potential supercar. Front is led down to the ground, which extremely improves aerodynamics. Two air intakes make the wind rapidly cools the hot brakes. Looking at the side of the car can not help feeling that the vehicle is surprisingly asymmetric moved forward cabin and the rising line of the door, are not elements which we are accustomed to watching normal cars in everyday city traffic.

So futuristic-looking body, among others consequence of the location of a powerful engine that is mounted centrally, which clearly dominates the entire structure. From the rear of the car will also be a very unusual case of dampers, which, together with a diffuser like a jet nozzles.